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Approved CSR CAI Programs

CWCS Approved Computer Adaptive Instruction (CAI)

The following Computer Adaptive Instruction programs have been approved for Connecting Waters Charter School’s Concepts & Skills Review. 

Usage:  All CSR programs should be used at the student’s grade level 5 days/week for 15-20 minutes/day per subject for maximum success in addition to their grade level core curriculum and Tier 3 intensive instructional programs, if needed.

Cost and Ordering Information:  Both programs are subsidized with LCAP funding and may be ordered through your ES.


Moby Max 

Program Description

K-8:  Reading, Math, Science, History, and More...

Moby Max

  • Program provides a separate parent account.
  • Parent can login to assign/control specific content.
  • Multiple-choice, constructed response, select all that apply, fill in the blank, short answer, and drag and drop formats.
  • Search and assign by CCSS, NGSS, standard, and/or keyword.
  • 3-Math, 19-LA, and Reading (including 2 writing modules), Science, Social Studies, and 4 State Test Prep Modules.
  • Criterion-Referenced Adaptive placement tests find and fix student's learning gaps creating adaptive Individualized lesson plans for all students.
  • All Lessons begin with an Audio/Visual "Teach Me lesson!" Students can click on "speaker icon" to have any material read to them as many times as needed for understanding.
  • Each student works on own unique lesson plans and advances at their own pace.
  • Students earn game time, badges, certificates and can even create "MobyFriends" to follow along with them and give encouragement!
  • Adaptive Differentiation - Diagnostic Testing, Adaptive Lessons, Assessments, Daily Goals
  • Student Motivation Contests - Badges, Games, Certificates, Behavior Vibes, Daily Smiles


Education Galaxy

Program Description

Grades K-5:  Language Arts, Reading, Math, and Science
Education Galaxy

  • Program does not provide a separate parent account.
  • Online assessment and practice for students in Grades K-5 to help build mastery towards the California Common Core State Standards
  • Easy to use and enjoyable for both teachers and students
  • Students work on their Study Plans practicing important concepts
  • Questions are built from the ground up to prepare students for the rigor of the California Common Core State Standards for CAASPP Assessments
  • Education Galaxy provides thousands of standard-based questions for you to use with online assessments and printable worksheets
  • Every student receives their own personalized CAASPP Study Plan that allows them to see exactly how they are performing in each individual California Common Core state standard.
  • Revolutionary Alien Explanations provide video explanations for every single question that is specific to that question. This provides drill-down instruction to the very basic skills the students are struggling with. With Education Galaxy, your students will quickly master concepts because their instruction is tailored to them
  • Students can’t wait to “play” Education Galaxy! While Education Galaxy is fun, students must earn their rewards and game time. We reward students for success throughout the school year to keep them engaged while rewarding their progress of mastering standards. Answering questions correctly during study time allows them to play mini games. Mastering concepts provides them Galaxy Stars that are used to unlock rockets for their games and to improve their Alien Ranking. Galaxy Cards show absolute mastery!