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EL Department Reclassification Policy

CWCS English Learner Department Reclassification Policy

Five Step Guide for Reclassifying English Learners


Step 1: Review ELPAC results from Annual Assessment

COVID-19 Update: The CDE is making alternative plans for reclassification of English Learner students as English proficient. Students who have already completed all four domains of the 2020 Summative ELPAC will be eligible for reclassification. Students who have not taken the Summative ELPAC or have not completed all four domains must take or complete the remaining sections of the Summative ELPAC, likely this July or August. The CDE indicates that students will be tested at their 2019-20 grade level on the Summative ELPAC and will provide additional information as decisions are finalized.  


Step 2: Comparison of Performance in Basic Skills

The Assessment and the EL Department reviews results of latest local and state assessments in English-Language Arts. The team will assess to ensure that the student scores a Level 3 or 4 on CAASPP*. If the Step 2 requirements are achieved, then we will proceed to Step 3. If the Step 2 requirements are not achieved, then the student remains an English Learner.  

*COVID 19 Update:  We are awaiting direction from the CDE as to what measures to use in lieu of CAASPP results.  


Step 3: Evaluation of Student Academic Performance

The Education Specialist and the EL Department reviews the student’s academic performance. The team will evaluate to ensure the student is meeting all course requirements in ELA, ELD, and any required math courses. If the Step 3 requirements are achieved, then proceed to Step 4. If the Step 3 requirements are not achieved, the student remains an English Learner.


Step 4: Parent or Guardian Opinion and Consultation

The ES contacts the parent/guardian to consult with the parent/guardian and reach agreement to reclassify. If Step 4 requirements are achieved, then the student will proceed to Step 5, in which reclassification begins to take place. If an agreement is not made, then the student remains an English Learner.


Step 5: Reclassification of Student

Congratulations! The student is reclassified to Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP). The parent/guardian is notified of reclassification and CWCS student records are updated.  As mandated by the state of California, RFEP students are monitored for four years to ensure their continued growth and success. 



Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT) is used in Grade 1.

Student must have a minimum standard score of 100 on WRA


This decision guide is based on Guidelines for Reclassification of English Learners which was approved by the State Board of Education.